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Meet the Super Kids!


Hi, I'm Jonah

In a world of superheroes, the students of Moneera Doss’ Superhero Academy want nothing more than to join the fight against evil. When six young heroes get the chance they’ve been waiting for, the unexpected arrival of a mysterious relic places them at the center of a conflict long thought forgotten. Join Aquario, Galactica, Windwalker, Flame, Dusk, and Lightning-Strike as they embark on their journey as the world’s youngest superhero team, learning what it truly means to be a superhero and uncovering the secrets surrounding their own lives.




Jonah Arreola-Burl

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was play superheroes with my friends at recess. With our own special personas and powers, we embarked on incredible adventures of imagination. As the group’s artist, I was the first to draw our superheroes and eventually made a comic called the Legion Of Super Kids. Before I knew it, our entire class had characters in the LOSK universe, even the teachers. As I got older, and the make-believe games faded away, LOSK stuck with me. The more people that entered my life, the bigger the superhero universe became for me, and now, after 14 years of writing, drawing, and editing, I am so excited to finally share these stories with all of you.


LOSK is drawn, written, inked, and colored completely by hand. It is the first series I have published. 

Scan_20190421 (32).jpg

My character, Aquario

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